Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

So considering I’ve watched Gossip Girl all the way through around 8 times (not even exaggerating), I decided to dedicate my first blog post to where it all began!  Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot.  If you have some extra free time on your hands, I recommend going back and re-watching it because there are so many things that foreshadow the rest of the series! (And it’s kind of funny to see how all of the characters started out.) 

One of the first things I noticed when re-watching was how different everyone looks in the first season compared to later seasons.  Dan has HORRIBLE sideburns, Chuck glowed WAY up in later seasons, Nate was rocking the long hair look, and Jenny straight up looks like she’s about 12 years old.  Also can we talk about how long ago the first season was filmed?  Dan talking about MySpace pages and everyone using flip phones.  What a throwback!!!

Also, the first episode is such a typical pilot.  Blair’s mom, Eleanor Waldorf, is a completely different actress in the first episode and Blair’s house isn’t the famous penthouse that becomes such an iconic backdrop in future seasons.  And, in my opinion, the biggest screw up throughout this episode is that Chuck mentions having a mom when he is walking in Central Park with Nate.  All true Gossip Girl fans know that Chuck didn’t grow up with a mother and the whole topic of who Chuck’s mother is becomes a major plot line throughout the series!!!

Another thing I appreciate is how lit the soundtrack is for the first episode.  In the first 4 minutes, they use songs by Rihanna AND Justin Timberlake! There’s also songs by Amy Winehouse, Timbaland, and Akon.  (But seriously, start paying more attention to the songs they use throughout the series because there are some GOOD songs featured.)

Throughout all of my watches and rewatches of the first episode, I have noticed a few things in the first episode that predict some juicy future events.  In the beginning, you see a certain someone (don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t finished the series) on the Gossip Girl website reading the posts.  But considering they turn out to be Gossip Girl, do you think she/he was actually reading the post or was she/he working on the website??? Also in the first episode we watch Chuck making moves on Jenny against her wishes at the Kiss on the Lips party.  Considering Dan punched Chuck in the jaw and Serena threatened Chuck, you would think Chuck and Jenny would stay away from each other.  But we all know that isn’t the case! (Poor Little J) 

I hope y’all liked my first post and stay tuned for more Gossip Girl reviews by me!!!



Season 1, Episode 4: Bad News Blair

In the past, episode 4 hasn’t ever stood out to me much.  But as I was rewatching it this time, I noticed a bunch of things I hadn’t noticed before.  Here are all of my opinions on this episode!

Although there are dramatic things happening to Nate (realizing that his dad drained $200K out of his bank account after he owed Chuck $10K for losing poker with Carter Baizen) and dramatic things happening with Rufus and Lily, (Lily’s art buyer buying one of Rufus’s wives artwork and returning it due to their weird love triangle all while Lily’s art buyer is trying to hit on Rufus even though he is married) my main focus for this blog post is going to be about Blair.  Blair is known to have done some pretty awful things to people throughout her six seasons and will never go down in history as the nicest character to ever exist.  But after paying close attention to this episode, I kind of have to feel a little bad for her.  Her mother treats her horribly, her father moved to France to be with another man, her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, and her best friend always steals the attention from her whether she is trying to or not.  Maybe that’s why she has an eating disorder and wants to love Chuck so badly.

To recap the episode, Blair’s mom chooses her to be the face of her new clothing line.  But when she realizes that Serena is much better at modeling than Blair, she goes behind Blair’s back and tricks Serena in to showing up to the photoshoot.  What kind of mom backstabs her daughter like that?

The very first scene in the episode is an Audrey Hepburn themed dream of Blair’s.  (Which every true Gossip Girl fan knows that Blair has plenty of Audrey Hepburn themed dreams)  But this dream goes beyond Blair’s obsession with Audrey Hepburn, it foreshadows the rest of the episode.  In the dream, Blair is standing outside of Bendels trying to get inside when she is told by the guard that she isn’t allowed inside because her name isn’t on the list.  This infuriates Blair because she sees Serena inside the store.  Now wait a minute….. Isn’t this exactly what happens in the episode?  Blair is on the outside of her mother’s circle, and when she tries to get in by being the face of her mother’s clothing line that Bendel is trying to buy, she gets shot down.  But to her surprise, Serena is on the inside of her mother’s circle by being chosen as the face of the clothing line. 

This episode is the first of many episodes where I end up feeling bad for Blair.  But at least she gets her happy ending at the end!!